Vatuvara Foundation


Vatuvara Foundation is committed to protect and revive the ocean in the Northern Lau Group of Fiji through a network of marine protected areas and provide innovative solutions that promote awareness and empower local communities. By creating safe havens for marine life, protected areas can restore habitats and indigenous species resulting in more resilient oceans to provide sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities and to mitigate against effects of climate change and natural disasters.

Our conservation efforts will include awareness, monitoring, vulnerable species protection, poaching surveillance and restoration programmes. Vatuvara Foundation is working closely with surrounding island communities to help increase knowledge of and management of their natural resources. Understanding and learning about traditional knowledge and customs of individual communities are crucial to maintaining the natural and cultural heritage of these islands. We promote interaction of marine awareness and ocean activities by providing educational opportunities in the water to inspire our youth. The Vatuvara Foundation is helping to ignite a movement of ocean minds who understand, experience and protect our ocean.

National Geographic Coveragehttp://voices.nationalgeographic.com/2017/05/11/exploring-coral-reefs-in-the-northern-lau-group/

First blog of a series documenting the Vatuvara Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Society-Fiji Marine Survey Expedition of the waters and islands comprising Fiji’s Northern Lau Group.